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Le Poing J was a late-night talk show, aired in French on Montreal's TVA network (1997-2000), and hosted by Julie Snyder. She’s a lucky lady as she already interviewed Roy least twice. You can find previous interviews at this channel.

The show's title can be translated as "The J Spot".

Though guests were normally invited into the studio and interviewed live, Roy's interview was pre-recorded from the set of LFN in Toronto.

I will add some screencaps and the Playboy scan soon. In the meantime enjoy these couple of videos of where the interview is complete and an english transcript of the second half.









Julie Snyder – You are now known all over the world since you have been filming “La Femme Nikita”. Did you buy the Playboy magazine with the article about you?


Roy - No


J – You haven’t seen the issue? (Incredulous and laughing!)


R – No. (laughing again)


J - Yeah, right


R – What? You don't believe me?


J – Did you ever buy it?


R – No…my uncle had a few …(laughing)


J – No one bought it and showed it to you?


R – No…does it have a drawing of me?


J – No, a photo.


R – No, I haven’t seen it.


J – It says that Michael wears BodyBody underwear but you go "au naturel"…(pauses staring at him)


R – (laughs) That’s a question? (laughs even more looking embarrassed)


J – Well, yes, is it true?


R – (looks embarrassed again, shrugs and looks away) …sometimes ...


J – Moving on…One of your friends said to ask you about the beast in the woods.


R – Pardon?


J – Repeats the sentence.


R – Oh! Yeah, it was a cry we heard in the woods at our place. It was unbelievable. When we were leaving our place. (I was there for 2-3 months working on my place and then I was preparing to leave on a trip for 1 month. Someone was going to look after the place for me.) We were out there waiting for him when we heard this cry that was…I don’t know…so strange…it really made us scared…so scared that we just ran into the house and locked the doors and windows! It was something I could never imitate.


J – You like things that are scary like sky-diving. You like to be on the edge. Do you like to do extreme things?


R – One of the most extreme scares of my life was in Turkey. I was there in a region called Cappadocia. There are a hundred little villages that are like labyrinths in the sense that they are hollowed into the side of a cliff. There’s only one entrance in the cliff, which is hidden. Inside the cliff there are several levels. These were early Christian villages. There was one that we visited. We had a Guide who showed us around and it was very impressive. Then he said there’s another village where he grew up called “The Labyrinth”. He said it’s taken his whole life to totally discover all of it because there’s only the one entrance and there are these small tunnels to enter and eventually you come out into a big space and then you have to descend thirty-five feet into another tunnel and you can’t see the other tunnels. He talked about how he got lost and how burning hot it was down there and how one must always have a lantern to find the way out. He said his friends eventually found him the next day. He offered to take us there. I was with my girlfriend and I said “ok…” I had left my wallet in the car and all I had was a little flashlight. We started to follow him and within twenty minutes we had no idea where he was. And then the flashlight went out! There we were underground and had no idea how to get out! When you think that only he knew the way out and if he’s gone…you’re going to die! This starts going around in my head, but I wanted to stay in control because I didn’t want to scare my girlfriend because I didn’t want her to know that I was about to flip out! So, I thought we’ll just put another battery in the flashlight. My girlfriend said “we don’t have any”…I told her to stop kidding but she said “no, I really don’t have any!” So, I said, “ok, we have to figure this out.” It was a real moment of trust. We must get out of here! She said we should go down and I said no, that won’t work – to get out we must go up! I knew the right way out was up but we were definitely lost. If we go down we’ll stay there…then…I saw a light coming towards us…Ahhh! (He smiles broadly and opens his arms widely as if to welcome his rescuers.)


J – Do you do all your stunts on the show?


R – No, not all for sure. It’s usually quite safe. I do some but nothing too dangerous. They don’t allow that. I did do a dangerous stunt in “Les Filles de Caleb”.


J - What?


R – When Ovila was retrieving the yellow blankets from the rapids. I was on the riverbank and going back and forth in the little boat. They were filming from the riverbank and they kept asking me to do it over and over again. I finally said “stop, enough!”


J - Did you capsize?


R – No, but almost .... so it was a bit dangerous.


J – Roy, you also did the TV special about Maurice Richard.


R – Yes.


J - Did you meet him?


R – Yes, I met him when I did the “Heritage Moments” (a public service campaign of 3 min. films about Canadian history)


J – Did you meet him again when you did the TV series?


R – Yes, he came to watch the filming.


J – Did he give you any advice?


R – No, but he was there everyday for the filming of “Heritage Moments”. Before I met him they told me he was reserved and a man of few words. I said that’s fine with me, no problem.


J – (laughs) No problem? You like that he didn’t say much?


R – (laughs) Yes. But, I am a bit like that in my life too. We did chat a bit. Also, I was a bit “bowled over” meeting a legend like him. So, I watched him and his way of behaving and felt his energy and that helped me.


J – It’s said about the role of “Michael” that the best way he can work is to never let anyone know who he really is inside. Is that the same for you, Roy? The best way to do your work is to never let anyone know who you really are?


R - (laughs and then looks quite thoughtful for a minute) I’ve said that before to myself – that the less the “public at large” knows about who I really am, that maybe there’s more chance of them believing the character I’m portraying. Ummm, but in my life…(laughs) it’s not the same. The people close to me know, basically, who I am.


J – And you – Do you know who you are?


R – A side, a part, a bit… My “real self” I suppose I know, but it takes time…I think…


J – Thank you so much for this.


R - My pleasure.



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