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Roy plays the part of Pierrick Le Bosnec.

Mischievous youngsters rebelling against the model of adulthood have to find a way of avoiding becoming as stupid as them. The game of chance that is birth is not an option, and there’s no point in wishing for the possibility of test-tube parents. Faced with the obligation of carrying on and perpetuating the traditional lineage of idiots, they prefer to break the vicious circle and go off to start again somewhere else. In the old car wreck which has lain around the courtyard for years, they make plans to go to Wildwood, a mythical land of sun and holidays, delights and differences …..

Length : 1 hour 30 minutes

Cast : 2 women, 3 men

Here is a description of the 1987-88 season of the Goes Without Saying Theatre company (Théâtre Il Va Sans Dire) translated from their archives :

In the other courtyard of the National Theatre School Pascale Rafie delivers her first professional screenplay and Dominic Champagne directs for the first time.

Children at the close of the empire. Toupie dreams of a better place called Wildwood. Roger Larue, Suzanne Lemoine and Roy Dupuis join Vincent (Houdet) and Julie (Castonguay) who plays the title role. Alongside André (Barnard) is newcomer Guy Coté, a promising young stage manager with a smooth chin and a flat stomach who spends night after night with his favourite director creating lighting effects …. till sunrise. Roger goes for his pogo <?> at Claudette’s snack bar at the same time every evening. The first in a long series of arguments between Suzanne and Dominic. The silliest photo session in our history, spurred on by young press attaché Pierre Bernard. To cater for the bad weather we also built a set in Room One, with an Austin Mini as the main prop. One night in the middle of a performance when it started to rain, the audience rushed towards the door to go inside the School for shelter, but the door was only a make-believe door. We take that as proof of the genius of set designer Jean Bard!

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