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Dark Eyes


Nancy Savoca


Wayne Grigsby, Barbara Samuels


Alliance Communications Corporation




Montreal, Québec, Canada




Roy Dupuis (Danny LeBlanc), Kelly McGillis (Mila McGann), Daniel Hugh Kelly (Michael McGann), Kenneth Welsh (Chief Scott)





Run Time

58 min

Number of Episodes

Single Pilot Episode

First Aired

January, 1995



Dark Eyes was a TV pilot that Roy filmed in 1995. When you consider that, if this had taken off, Roy would not have been around to play Michael in La Femme Nikita, then this becomes quite a key episode in the history of the fandom.  Fortunately it never stood a chance.

The storyline concerns a multi-disciplinary task force set up to tackle organised crime.  Roy plays Danny Le Blanc, DEA Agent and member of the task force.  In the recent past, one of their number, Christine, has been killed during a drug bust that went wrong <<incidentally she's played by Soo Garay who played Valerie in LFN>>. The head of the task force takes the blame and is sacked - and Kelly McGillis' character (Mila McGann) is given his job.  Although management feel she is right for the job, she faces resentment from the macho guys on the team who are loyal to their old boss. 

Despite the task force being warned off investigating the death of Christine who was her friend, Mila is determined to find out what happened, and she finds an ally in the quiet-spoken Danny.

Of course in the end they find out who did it, and needless to say there's a bad egg in the team who's at the bottom of it all. Mila gets beaten up, but eventually gains the respect of the task force members.

Dark and depressing, with a lumpish Kelly McGillis exuding no chemistry whatsoever, this is not something you want to see more of.  As always Roy does the best he can with what he's given - but it's a losing battle.

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