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La Femme Nikita


Jean-Claude Lord, Pauline Payette

Created by

Joel Surnow


Jamie Paul Rock


1 M per episode






Roy Dupuis (Michael Samuelle), Eugene Robert Glazer (Operations), Peta Wilson (Nikita), Don Francks (Walter), Alberta Watson (Madeline), Matthew Ferguson (Seymour Birkoff)


Warner Bros


Action / Drama / Romance

Run Time

42-48 minutes

Number of Episodes

96 Episodes
First Season – 22 episodes
Second Season – 22 episodes
Third Season – 22 episodes
Fourth Season – 22 episodes
Fifth Season – 8 episodes

First Aired

January 13th, 1997



In 1994 The Powers That Be at ABC Network decided that Dark Eyes, starring Kelly McGillis as a single mum detective, would not proceed to a full series, thus depriving the world of sidekick Danny LeBlanc. From the little that can be seen of him in the pilot, Danny would have been laid-back, loyal, and gently soft-spoken, with a bearded grungy look and compelling eyes. Maverick journalist Michel Gagné was soon to pass on as Scoop concluded after its 4th season, while other film commitments made a doctor’s role in Quebec’s hospital drama Urgence out of the question. The fates were conspiring to ensure that in late 1996 Roy Dupuis was available to accept the part of Michael in the USA Network series spawned from Luc Besson’s cult film Nikita. Another sidekick role, but one that Roy was to elevate to a stature that ranked with his other signature characters, Yves (Being at Home with Claude) and Ovila Pronovost (Les Filles de Caleb). Like those two, he played Michael in such a way that it is impossible to imagine him being played as well by anyone else, and without doubt he raised the performances of his fellow actors to help make La Femme Nikita the success it became.

Transcending the diverse input of more than 20 writers and 20 different directors, Michael is the coolest icon of a TV generation. Impeccably groomed (very much against type) in Gaultier and Versace, a sublime concoction of macho action delivered with the grace of a dancer and inner torment expressed with impenetrable understatement, Michael came to capture the imaginations of many thousands of viewers across five continents.

But if Roy continues his habit of looking for new and different challenges in his future work we may never see another character like Michael. So here, in a tribute to one of TV’s most successful creations, is a review of each of Roy’s 91 performances as Level 5 Operative Michael Samuelle.

Performance rating : Adopting Adrian’s symbolism (Adrian’s Garden), we have chosen the golden bullet to represent the rating unit for each performance.

5 golden bullets : Outstanding performance, would never get tired of it

4 golden bullets : Excellent performance, bears repeated viewings

3 golden bullets : Creditable performance, good professional job

2 golden bullets : Average performance, on a par with most TV actors

1 golden bullet : Below par performance, a rarity for Roy


(Don't panic, The Michael Files would be re uploaded in the future)

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