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Tous Por Un - Lance et Compte
All For One - He Shoots, He Scores


Richard Martin


Jacques Jacob


Claude Héroux




Québec, Canada




Marc Messier  (Marc Gagnon), Marina Orsini (Suzie Lambert), Roy Dupuis  (Maxime Morel), Denis Bouchard (Lulu Boivin)





Drama / Sports

Run Time


Number of Episodes

First of 6 Telefims

First Aired

September, 1990



Lance et compte was a series on Canadian TV about a team of hockey players, which lasted 3 years. When the series ended a number of TV films were made, each one dealing with one of the characters from the series. Tous Pour Un features the coach, Marc Gagnon played by Marc Messier, with Marina Orsini playing his wife.

Marc Gagnon is sacked from his present job as coach of Le National a hockey team in Quebec City but shortly afterwards is offered another coaching job in Trois Rivieres. This is very difficult for him because Trois Rivieres are in a lower league.

Resident bad boy in the team is Maxim Morel, played by Roy, who, of course, clashes with the new coach, but after a few run-ins a mutual respect emerges.

After a few matches thanks to the new coach things pick up and the team start winning, which of course heightens the profile of Marc Gagnon. This leads to him being offered a better job back at Le National, as one of the bosses instead of coach.  Either way, he faces a tough decision - take the better job or continue with his new team who are now making great progress. In the end he takes the job back at Le National, but because he feels guilty for leaving Trois Rivieres, he decides to stay with them until the end of the Championship, before leaving for Quebec City and his new job.

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