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Avec Un Grand A: Hélene Et Alexis
Love With A Capital ‘A’: Hélene & Alexis


Nicole Faucher


Janette Bertrand






Québec, Canada




Roy Dupuis  (Claude) , Nicole Filion, Marie Michaud, Monique Miller, Mahée Paiement


Radio Canada



Run Time

45 minutes each episode

Number of Episodes


First Aired

February 24th, 1989



The show is in two parts (45 minutes each) and takes the form of a TV play. It is entirely in French, with no subtitles. The action takes place in the family's place in the country. The rest of the family consisting of Alexis, Helene's husband, their 3 children - Marie, Claude and Anabelle along with a family friend, make the trip to confront Hélène about her drinking habit.

Throughout the story Hélène, with a glass of neat vodka in her hand, insists that she doesn't have a drinking problem and refuses to admit she is an alcoholic. Each member of the family tries to convince her to give up drinking, her son Claude even suggest that she joins him when he checks himself into a clinic to break his drug addiction.

Eventually Hélène says that she'll give up drinking from this day forward, but she still refuses to admit that she is an alcoholic. She then goes on to reveal the reason behind her drinking. Explaining that she was pregnant with her eldest child, Marie, before her and Alexis were married and he had been reluctant to marry her, suggesting that she get an abortion. Just as things seem to be sorting themselves out, and Helene has decided to quit drinking, it is revealed that Alexis is planning on leaving her and setting up home with his girlfriend and that their youngest child, Anabelle, will be going to live with them. This has Hélène headed for the fridge and popping a bottle of champagne!

The play ends showing Helene 2 years on, sipping nothing but iced tea and preparing for a visit from her family.

In his first major TV role, Roy plays the brooding, sulking son Claude to perfection. Biting his nails and skulking around in corners, looking rather mean and moody, as the pictures show...

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