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Une Terre 1001 Mondes

One Earth 1001 Worlds


Phil Beauchemin


Michèle Ravilet




Montreal, Québec, Canada




MATV - Nuevo Mundo TV - Canal Savoir




52 minutes

Release Date

June, 2013


"Une Terre 1001 Mondes" it's a multi-platform documentary that presents an ambitious pursuit of social transformation. The documentary uses the symbol of a tree and its cycle, to illustrate the history of an institution that worked during 50 years for the intercultural dialogue improvement.

Along Kalpana Das and Roy Dupuis, we discover the work of a visionary organization that never sacrificed its freedom of speech or its conduct. A unique contribution to the modern societies.


About Roy's Involvement

[ The sole purpose of my involvement in this documentary is to help in conveying the most information possible people may need, so they can get a better understanding of the world that surround us and therefore, being able to take clearer decisions. Being alone makes you feel helpless, but I profoundly believe that together everything is possible.
With the project 'Une Terre 1001 Mondes', I'm involving myself in the name of the intercultural dialogue.
Let me invite you to meet these very inspiring persons. ]
Roy Dupuis

Important Information

The latest news are that the documentary will be dubbed to english and spanish!
The DVD will be launched on June of the next year.

The institute was closed on June of 2012, and the project was conceived with the purpose of saving all that priceless information. It's quite a challenge given that we're talking about a 50 years work.

Donations are needed, the amount isn't important.. it's the gesture what counts. The goal is to get 10000 dollars before December 31st, 2012

Help to preserve this cultural heritage visiting the official website and making a donation:


(Check out the treats for Roy Dupuis fans!)


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