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The Timekeeper


Louis Bélanger


Louis Bélanger, Lorraine Dufour (from the novel The Timekeeper by Trevor Ferguson)


Réal Chabot


5.9 M


Port-Cartier, Côte-Nord, Québec, Canada




Craig Olejnik (Martin Bishop); Roy Dupuis (Scully) Julian Richings (Grease); Gary Farmer (Cook); Gaston Lepage (Herm); Stephen McHattie (Fisk); Wayne Robson (Lomacki)


Seville Films (After the bankruptcy of Christal Films)




90 minutes

Release Date

August 21st, 2009



Set in the 60's, an orphaned young farm boy, Martin Bishop, sets off to make a living working as a timekeeper on the construction of the Great Slave Lake Railway in the North West Territories, where he immediately clashes with his drunken boss.

Roy plays the part of Scully, one of 'the wilder few', workers who have been expelled from the construction gang and who now live wild in the woods, scavenging on the camp's garbage.  When Martin is himself expelled for challenging the camp boss for pocketing the wages of the wilder few, he devises a plan for making his way back to town, accompanied by these outcasts.

Roy describes Scully as "a violent man who has no difficulty killing people. [...] Scully is the only character I've played whom I'd consider pure evil.  With him you never know what to expect."

Interview - Journal de Québec, 22 August 2009
Production stills
On location with the animals Exclusive to RDO
Red Carpet

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