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INFOBOX: Je Me Souviens


André Forcier


André Forcier, Linda Pinet


André Forcier, Pascal Maeder


1.5 M


Val-d'Or (Abitibi), Manitoba, Ireland and Montréal (September 2007 - January 2008)




Michel Barrette (Maurice Duplessis); Céline Bonnier (Mathilde Bombardier); Hélène Bourgeois-Leclerc (Anita Sincennes); David Boutin (Richard Bombardier); Pierre-Luc Brillant (Robert Sincennes); France Castel (Martha Taylor); Julie Dupage (Marguerite Karsh); Roy Dupuis (Liam Hennessy); Rémy Girard (Monseigneur Madore); Gaston Lepage (Amédée Maréchal)


Christal Films




88 minutes

Release Date

March 6th, 2009



1949.  Abitibi.  To his son Louis, an adorable child with laughing dimples, Robert Sincenne is a hero.  But to the mine bosses where he works, to the Catholic Church, and to the all-powerful Premier of Quebec, Maurice Duplessis, he is the enemy.  A communist and free thinker, Robert wants to become the union leader of Sullidor Mining.  When his rival, Richard Bombardier, is accidentally killed, his fate is sealed.  At least for a time, before he leaves in exile.  Nine years later, little Louis has grown up and has become friendly with Nemesis, the daughter of Bombardier’s widow.  Their friendship takes them to Ireland.

In his 12th film, André Forcier returns in the more socialist vein of his sublime L’eau chaude, l’eau frette and Bar Salon. And he certainly hasn’t lost an ounce of his provocation.  Forthright, ironic, satirical but also affectionate and engaging, Je me souviens plays with the light and shade of a magnificent monochrome to destabilise received ideas, while reuniting the cream of Quebec's actors (Céline Bonnier, Gaston Lepage, Rémy Girard, Hélène Bourgeois-Leclerc, France Castel, Roy Dupuis… ) and revisiting Quebec’s history in Forcier's signature style.  But make no mistake!  If he evokes an era that the under-twenties would do well to recognise, he is also talking about the Quebec of today.  The words ‘national identity’ have rarely resounded so loudly.

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