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Revenir / Return


Francis Leclerc


Improvisation Technique


Commissioned by Regard sur le court métrage au Saguenay




Saguenay Region, Québec, Canada




Roy Dupuis, Sylvain Marcel, Rosa Zacharie, Yves Pelletier, Mélanie Potvin, Véronique Bouchard, and featuring Francis Leclerc and Mayor Jean Tremblay




Experimental /Drama


11:30 minutes

Release Date

February 10th, 2007



The short film festival, Regard sur le court métrage au Saguenay, has a tradition of inviting guest directors to create an improvised short film in the space of 48 hours, and to present it as part of the programme.  The 2007 it was the turn of Francis Leclerc, who took on the challenge, accompanied by his Mémoires affectives stars, Roy Dupuis and Rosa Zacharie.  

On the Thursday evening in the La Voie Maltée bar in Jonquière, the team were presented with a number of constraints dreamed up by the clientele:

 - a character dressed in 80's clothes; filming at Bagotville airport and the local cheese factory Boivin de La Baie; a waterfall; a mass; a scooter; the phrase "What do you think, no teeth?"; the sound of a kazoo.

In addition, they had to persuade the mayor of Saguenay, Jean Tremblay, to appear as an extra, and Roy imposed a condition of his own – that Francis Leclerc make his first onscreen appearance in the film.

The Return of the title is the unexpected reappearance after 4 years of the ex-wife (Rosa Zacharie) of cheese maker Patrick (Sylvain Marcel – Bon Cop Bad Cop).

Filming began on the Friday, and at 5pm on Saturday the world premiere was projected on an outdoor screen made of snow, next door to the bus station in Chicoutimi.  It was shown later, indoors, as part of the normal programme.

Progrès-Dimanche - 11 February 2007



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