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J’en Suis! / Head or Tails


Claude Fournier


Marie-José Raymond, Claude Fournier


René Malo, Marie-José Raymond




Montreal, Québec, Canada




Roy Dupuis (Dominique Samson); Patrick Huard (Pierre Sanchez); Charlotte Laurier (Maude); Albert Millaire (De Beauregard); Normand Lévesque (Victor); Guy Nadon (Dr. Lamoureux); France Castel (Elisabeth Ballester); Arielle Dombasle (Rose Petipas); Sophie Faucher (La Sodoma); Nanette Workman (Sandy Klein); Jacques Languirand (Igor de Lonsdale); Micheline Lanctôt (Huissier Saisibec); Jean-Guy Bouchard (Hussier Saisibec); Dan Bigras (Biker, Victor’s friend)


Malofilm International





Release Date

March 14th, 1997






"Pierre Sanchez and Dominique Samson, the two brilliant architects of Samson and Sanchez have just been crushed by the biggest real estate crash of the twentieth century. Pierre simply goes back to his first job at the National Theatre School"


"For Dominique, the situation is a little more complicated. His new job in the world of antique dealers, where the atmosphere is rather flamboyant, begins to threaten his straight life. The job requirements results in a sexual identity crisis; while his wife seeks refuge with an adoring psychiatrist, Dominique begins to doubt which side of the coins he's on- heads or tails. The final call is made by Rose Petipas, a luscious interior decorator who helps Dominique back onto the straight path that eventually leads to his wife."


Is Dominique gay?  Even Dominique doesn't know for most of the movie.


Favorite Scene:


Dominique hits rock bottom. In his frustration he goes to his mother’s house with an axe. He hates his name, his life and he blames his mother. He grips the axe, takes a swing and collapses the bed. Is his mother harmed? Watch and find out.


Favorite Line: (from subtitles)


Pierre: The top dealer wants you as right-hand man. What are you afraid of?
Dominique: The uses of his right-hand


And finally...


Two words - "laundry cart"


Warning: you will never look at doing your laundry the same way again.


Promotional Appearances


Flash, May 1996 - Behind the scenes


Flash, March 1997 - Interview at the premiere


Cha-ba-da, March 1997


Metrostars, March 1997




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