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L’Homme Ideal / The Ideal Man


George Mihalka


Daniaile Jarry, Sylvie Pilon


Daniaile Jarry, Christian Larouche




Montreal, Québec, Canada




Marie-Lise Pilote (Lucie) ; Roy Dupuis (Christian) ; Macha Grenon (Virginie) ; Carmen Ferland (Hélène) ; Marc-André Coallier (Benoit) ; Linda Sorgini (Juliette) ; Francine Ruel (Mado) ; Joe Bocan (Rebecca) ; Yvan Benoît (Serge) ; Pauline Lapointe (Monique) ; Marguerite Blais (Animatrice TV) ; Denis Bouchard (Albert) ; Patrice L'Ecuyer (Georges) ; Jean-Marie Lapointe (Frank) ; Martin Drainville (Gabor)


Lions Gate




110 minutes

Release Date

September 27th, 1996



It's Lucie's 35th birthday - what does she wish for when she blows out the candles on her cake? A baby. There is just one small problem with this, Lucie is single. Seeing this as a mere technicality she makes a bet with her friends that she will find herself a man with whom to have this baby within 3 months. Enlisting the help of these same friends she agrees to reward whoever manages to introduce her to the future father of her child.

It's a cute, film which I did enjoy. It's pleasant enough, not very deep, just a nice film. It is a good film for playing "Spot Roy's Former Co-Stars", a game worryingly I'm becoming a bit too good at (Don't worry Viv, I'm starting therapy next week <g>!). Ones I managed to spot were - Macha Grenon (Stephanie Rousseau - Scoop), Martin Drainville (Tinker - Scoop & Cloves Dionne - Million Dollar Babies), Gregory Hlady (SOTW Enquist - Mandatory Refusal, LFN), the boxer from Scoop also makes a brief appearance and last but not least the daughter of one of Lucie's friends is also Dominique's daughter in J'en Suis.

I suppose you are wondering what part Roy plays in this film. He has 2 all too brief appearances, the first of which is at the very beginning of the film when Lucie awakes to find him in her bed ... what a lucky woman! He then doesn't re-appear until towards the end of the film when he is queuing up awaiting his turn at a sperm bank.

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