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Le Marche du Couple / The Singles Game


Alain d’Aix, Louis Fraser


Manon Barbeau, Alain d’Aix, Dennis St Dennis


Michel Gauthier, Lorraine Richard, Moniqu Messier




Montréal, Québec, Canada




Roy Dupuis, Denis Bouchard, Marie CHarlebois


Antenna Inc.




65 minutes

Release Date





Journalist Juliette is writing a series of articles on relationships. Single pop neighbour Tristan decides to develop a board game based on relationships - a sort of love Monopoly - aimed at the couples’ market. They collaborate on the research by interviewing men, women, couples, introduction agencies, bridal wear salesmen, bar staff etc. Le Marché du couple consists of that series of interviews, and if that wasn’t exciting enough, there’s a fair amount of statistics thrown in free. The film ends with the launch of the game.


For sheer entertainment value, Le Marché sits somewhere between having a favourite tooth extracted and having your brain removed via your left nostril. Why are we discussing this? Because Roy Dupuis is one of those interviewees.


           The RD Fan’s Survival Guide to Le Marché du couple


 1) Fast forward to 7mins 51 secs


2) Drink a glass of wine


3) Watch 54 seconds of barman Roy state his theory on the effect of sexually transmitted diseases on the clientele of his pick-up bar


4) Rewind to 7mins 51 secs


5) Repeat from step 2 as often as required


6) Pass out


Actually, Roy and Tristan’s 9-year-old daughter Chloé are quite cute.

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