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INFOBOX: Sortie 234


Michel Langlois


Marie Beaulieu


Bernaette Payeur








Roy Dupuis (1 ; Renaud) / Élise Guilbault (3 ; Lucille) / Jean L’Italien (2 ; Frank)







Sortie means exit, so sortie 234 is the exit off a highway.  There is a love triangle involving one woman and two guys, in which the R.D. character, Renaud, is in love with the guy and causes all kind of drama.

The coffee shop scene:  The waitress Lucille tells Frank she will be another 15 minutes.  Renaud says it will be at least half an hour and can he borrow Frank's truck.  Frank throws him the keys.  Renaud hangs around to spy on them when they leave the diner.

The scene at the "barn":  Renaud has lots of homoerotic fantasies with Frank.  He imagines himself being carried by Frank like Frank carried Lucille out of the diner the night before.  During their talk in the field Renaud tells Frank that he (Frank) doesn't have to say anything, that he (Renaud) understands it all.., that Frank's love (for him) is dead.  He then goes on to say that he can't do it by himself.  Frank asks do what?  Then Frank tells Renaud to stop hurting himself like that and Renaud answers him that the damage has already been done.

Scene in the trailer with Lucille:  Lucille doesn't want Renaud to spend the night in her trailer and offers to lend him money to go elsewhere. He stays anyway.  In the morning she asks Renaud what's his game, and she tells him she's not blind, that she knows it's Frank he desires and that it's only to be close to him that Renaud wants to sleep there with her, to be in Frank's place so to speak, so Renaud sits up and sort of tells her that he has had physical relations with Frank.  That upsets Lucille and then comes the scene where she drives to Franks place and fights with him, but then she apparently forgives him.

Renaud drives away in Lucille's car and almost runs it into a gully, still jealous, and Frank and Lucille drive after him.  Right before he kisses Frank and asks Lucille if she wants to see how it's done.

Frank sees Renaud walking along the road, stops his car and gets out to speak with him.   Frank tells Renaud that if he (Renaud) wants, he (Frank) can disappear, go away, right now. He says that Renaud is right, that the damage has already been done. Suddenly, a car speeds by, hitting a dog that had run into the road.  Renaud says they should drive him to a vet. Frank says that the dog no longer needs a vet, it's dead.

Scene at diner: Frank asks Renaud if he has anything to say to him. Renaud mumbles that he wants to leave (there), he grabs Lucille's hand and tells her let's leave, then he also hugs Frank and says that they should all three leave. The guys at the bar look at Renaud with his arm around Frank and make comments. Renaud picks a fight with them.

Final scene:  all three are leaving but at the last minute Renaud changes his mind, and decides to let Frank and Lucille go off alone, so he swerves in front of them and takes an exit off the highway (Exit 234).




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