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INFOBOX: Anémique Cinéma


Bernar Hébert


Bernar Hébert


Michel Ouelette




Roy Dupuis, Louise Bédard


Antenna Inc.




2:47 minutes

Release Date


Anémique cinéma (1987) seems to be Roy’s first appearance on film. It is a 3 minute film in somewhat over-exposed black and white, with no dialogue and an instrumental track by Randall Kay over rotating images of a beautiful young couple, spinning disks and spirals of text.

It is a pastiche of a 1926 film Anemic Cinema made by French Dada artist Marcel Duchamp (1887 – 1968), in association with Man Ray. This is a 7 minute black and white film, using "contracting and expanding spirals of ten optical discs alternating with nine verbal discs".

There are several versions of the Duchamp film on YouTube.

The images of Roy and the girl spin, rotate, morph from young to old, from male to female, and are interspersed with Duchamp’s original rotorelief disks. The inscriptions on the verbal disks are :

"This could be the only way, When love breaks down we turn away"
"If this is love, I don’t know, Guess I’m not sure what I’m looking for."

Source unknown, but not great literature. Roy, at 24, looks stunning.

Bernar Hébert and Michel Ouelette had founded their production company, Ciné qua non, 5 years before this was shot.

        Louise Bédard may be the founder of Louise Bédard Danse although this has not been verified. 

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