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If you've not seen these then you can view the Minutes on the Histor!ca website - you'll need Quicktime installed to view the clips. When you've viewed the Roy ones, check out some of the others - you might find some familiar faces!

Louis Riel (English)
Joins the Metis leader on the gallows, as Riel recalls his struggle for his people in the moments before his execution in November, 1885.
Rocket Richard (English)
The legendary hockey star, after working 8 hours moving his family from one end of Montréal to the other, scores 8 points (5 goals and 3 assists) toward a 9-1 victory against the Detroit Red Wings

These Heritage Minutes were produced by Robert Guy Scully, who also produced Maurice Richard: Histoire d'un Canadien.  They were funded by the Canada Information Office, and there appears to be a similar cloud of suspicion about the use of public funds as eventually came out in the Gomery report.

The following is an extract from the transcript of proceedings of the Canadian Parliament (Hansard) from 8th June 2000, and is typical of practically every internet search on this subject.

Mrs. Francine Lalonde (Mercier, BQ): The government did not want us to know that the “Heritage Minutes” produced by Robert-Guy Scully were funded by the CIO. This means that the government knew that the role of the Canada Information Office was not to provide information and that if it admitted that a journalist was getting funding from the CIO for its programs, that journalist would not be able to claim to be one for very long.

The fact is that today Robert-Guy Scully said that he was no longer a journalist. He decided to say so today, but some would say that he stopped being one some time ago.

That attempt to hide the use made of funds allocated for propaganda compelled us to search—and we are not done with our research—to find out to what extent the Canada Information Office is an unacceptable institution. I strongly support today's opposition motion, which reads as follows:

That this House condemn the government for having established the Canada Information Office, which gives lucrative contracts to those close to the government party for, among other things, the purpose of gathering, analysing and collating information about a large number of citizens, and that this House urge the government to close that Office.

We think the government must close the CIO.

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